HowTo - This page lists a set of screen shots along with instructions, which will familiarise you with the working of PHT.

1. Click onSelect one or more Organism as Model ” or“Build Virtual Organism with Enzymes” or both.
*In case of virtual enzyme selection, enter a set of enzymes within the box (separated by '%' symbol).

*Enter the source metabolite (Educt Molecule) of the pathway and the destination metabolite (End product) in the pathway.

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2. All the names, which matched the specified input are listed. You can choose the name of your interest among the listed names and "Run".

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3. The path between two metabolites are displayed. To view the path between these metabolites graphically, click on the highlighted link “Metabolic Pathway

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4. You can see the following shown in the display below. Save as GML file. You can view the pathway (GML file) by using this editor “yEd”. Go back and click on it.

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5. When an applet window opens up, load the saved “gml” file. Then click on Layout and choose any layout you are interested in.

To get such a display on your screen
* Go to layout option in the menu bar and choose Hierarchial layout.
* In the tools option of the menu bar, choose
“Fit Node to label”

6. In the similar fashion, you can save other GML files such as “Enzyme-Enzyme GML Output” and view them through yEd Editor (a gml file viewer).

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